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The View From The Other Side: Introducing City Of Liverpool FC

Michael Meadows | 15th December 2020

“Jack Hazlehurst is affectionately known as 'The Purple Messi' for his virtuoso performances and ability to win matches on his own…”.

Michael Meadows, part of fan-owned City of Liverpool FC’s Media team, gives YOURCLUB an exclusive inside track on our FA Trophy opponents and how they have fared on the pitch this season. - Read more...

Graeme Armstrong Q&A - Part One

David Steel | 8th December 2020

"Martin is a very persuasive man! He’s a hard man to say no to...".

39 goals in two seasons, a hat-trick in his legendary final game for the club and back-to-back promotions. Graeme Armstrong is a bona fide Darlo legend. In a YOURCLUB Content exclusive, David Steel talks to Graeme about his life, career, 'GFA-gate' and those two blinding Darlo seasons. - Read more...

Just TEN Games From Wembley...

Jonno Coll | 3rd December 2020

"Recency bias is always likely to make us feel disappointed...but this is absolutely no reflection of the run itself".

YOURCLUB Content contributor Jonno Coll takes a look at this season's FA Cup run. Maybe James' singer Tim Booth knew what was coming? - Read more...