As a fan-owned club, our fundraising activities are vital to the club's existence and its future growth.

The opening of a new seated stand at Blackwell Meadows in March 2018 marked a significant milestone in the recent history of the fan's fundraising efforts.

Fans had raised £150,000 to pay for the foundations and the construction of the new stand, which took the total raised by Darlington fans at that point in time to a phenomenal £1m in only six years (2012-2018).

In that time, over £250,000 had been raised via various Community Share issues, £400,000 thanks to the 500 Club and over £220,000 across three years of the annual Boost The Budget scheme, which allows fans to contribute directly to the manager’s playing budget each season.

In May 2024, following a difficult season on the pitch (where NLN safety was only guaranteed on the penultimate weekend of the season) and the ongoing 'cost of living' crisis, the fans contributed a staggering £1889,225 via the seventh full Boost The Budget scheme for the 2024/25 season, bringing the overall Boost The Budget investment total to around £950,000 since its inception in 2017.

Other fundraising vehicles include the DFC Lottery, the Super 50/50 Draw, Sponsor a Goal, EasyFundraising, the annual Christmas Draw, the activities of Mister Q and the Ground Development Fund, as well as one-off schemes in recent years such as 'Be Part Of The Fabric', FA Cup travel and 'Sponsor Your Seat'.

By the end of the 2023/24 season, Darlington fans had raised over £2m since acquiring the club in May 2012. An incredible achievement and the absolute definition of 'fan ownership'.

If you have a fundraising idea yourself that you would like to share with the club, click here.