Ticketing FAQ

Which ticket category do I qualify for? (All ages are taken as at 1st September following the season start)

- Adults: Aged 25‐64 

- Concession: Senior (Aged 65+) / Student / Registered Disabled / Young Adult (Aged 18-24)

- Junior: Under 18

- Child: Under 12 (only when purchased with Adult / Concession ticket)

Seated Season Ticket: Your Reserved Seat

Until July 1st, all current seated season ticket holders can rest assured their existing seat will remain reserved. After that date, however, the seat will become available for anyone to buy or move to if they’ve already purchased a season ticket and want to swap the seat they were allocated.

If you would like to move seats or are purchasing a seated season ticket for the first time we will do our best to accommodate your preferences if you have a specific row/block you want to be seated in or a family/friendship group you’d like to sit with. Please use our contact form to get in touch and select "Season Tickets" as the subject.

What is a Pay Monthly ticket?

It's the simplest way to watch Darlington FC. We'll set you up with a monthly Direct Debit and in return we'll issue you a card which can be tapped for entry at any future home league game. There is a 12 month minimum term on the ticket but after that it will rollover until you decide to cancel. Further details are available on our dedicated Pay Monthly page.

I’m already a Pay Monthly ticket holder – what do I have to do for next season?

Nothing. If you have an active monthly subscription in place you are all set for next season. We will re-activate your season card ahead of next season for use on the turnstiles. If you can’t locate your card please order a re-issue on this page.

What happens if the price of a Pay Monthly ticket changes?

In the event that the Pay Monthly ticket price changes between seasons, the new amount will be automatically billed from 1st July (this will give a minimum 30 day notice period between the new pricing being announced and taking effect). 

What happens if I miss a payment for my Pay Monthly ticket?

If your pay monthly subscription falls into arrears your ticket will be suspended and you'll receive an email informing you of this. Your card will be de-activated and will scan as invalid on the turnstile. We will try and resubmit payment and if successful your card will be re-activated.

If payment fails for multiple months your ticket will only be re-activated when all failed payments are made. 

If your payment fails for 3 months in a row your subscription will be cancelled. 

What happens when my age changes and I fall into a new pricing category?

The new amount based on the pricing category you fall into will be automatically charged from the next payment due after your birthday.

How do I cancel a Pay Monthly ticket?

Pay Monthly tickets have an initial minimum term of 12 months, however if you'd like to cancel your ticket once the initial minimum term has expired please use our contact form to get in touch and select "Season Tickets" as the subject.

Do I have to purchase an Adult/Concession Season Ticket in order to obtain an U12 Season Ticket?

Yes – It is Darlington Football Club’s Policy that all junior supporters under 12 are accompanied to the game by a person holding a season ticket who is aged 18 or above.

Do I need to provide proof of my date of birth when applying for a concessionary Season Ticket?

All season ticket purchases for concession tickets are subject to providing a date of birth. We will be performing random age verification checks upon application.

I am a 500 Club ticket holder, do I need to complete a season ticket application form?

Please check the expiry date of your 500 Club ticket on Your Dashboard. We have also sent personalised emails to all 500 Club holders with your up to date ticket information and next steps. 

What proof do I need to provide for a supporter who has a disability?

Darlington Football Club reserves the right to request proof of disability prior to issuing a ticket or membership. Such proof should include photographic evidence of the person applying for a season ticket and also proof of receipt of a Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

A receipt of an orange/blue badge will not be considered sufficient proof of disability.

If a Carer is required, the Club will provide a complimentary ticket on each matchday for the carer in attendance.