Community Shares

Darlington FC have so far run two rounds of Community Share Offers to the fans and wider community, the primary aim of which was to raise funds to build assets and infrastructure at Blackwell Meadows that could then be used to payback the investors in the long term.

The first offer (Offer 1) was to raise funds to complete the move back to Darlington at Blackwell Meadows and raised £113,000.

The second offer (Offer 2) was to build the extension to the seated stand and was split into 3 phases:

P1 - Seating Groundworks - £40,000

P2 - Seating Roof Cover - £33,000

P3 - Seating Deck - £38,000

The current value of shares you hold, if any, can be found by logging into YOURCLUB and navigating to the YOUR DASHBOARD page. 

Withdraw or Donate Your Shares - CLICK HERE

Note: the withdrawal window is only open in August so outside of this time you won’t be able to submit the form.

Amend Your Interest Choice - CLICK HERE

Shareholders can opt in to receive interest on the initial value of their investment less any withdrawals, or opt out if they have previously opted in.

The interest rate will be agreed by the DFCSG Board each July and will be communicated to Shareholders thereafter.

The default position for all Shareholders is to be opted out of receiving interest. The latest submission of the above form at 31st August each year will be used to determine the treatment for that year.

Nominate a Beneficiary for Your Shares - CLICK HERE

Shareholders can nominate beneficiaries for their shares.

Shareholders have the option of assigning DFCSG as the beneficiary of their shares to ensure they are treated in the best interest of the fans going forward.

As per the Community Shares handbook, beneficiary nominations up to £5,000 do not need to be resolved with reference to probate.

Whilst we would encourage all Shareholders to submit this form as soon as possible, Shareholders may assign a beneficiary at any time and are not bound by the annual withdrawal application period.

Once the online form is submitted we will send a letter to confirm the details and obtain an authorising signature.

Any questions around Community Shares can be sent using the CONTACT FORM and selecting Community Shares as the subject.