Kick It Out

The DFCSG board are proud to be associated with Darlington Football Club's partnership with anti-discrimination organisation, Kick It Out.

Darlington FC is determined to fight discrimination of all types in our club and at our matches, and become an equal and inclusive club, open to everyone no matter their gender, race, background or sexual orientation.

Chief Executive Officer David Johnston: "We have been involved in games this season where we have encountered incidents of racism, homophobia and misogyny. This disappoints me and we need to work even harder as a football community to show clearly that we have a zero-tolerance attitude to discrimination."

"Working with Kick It Out helps us to become a more equal and inclusive club through participation, education and access to resources to support us."

The club will work closely with Kick It Out to support it's various discrimination awareness campaigns across our teams and social media channels.

Raj Randhawa, Kick It Out's Grassroots Manager, who met with Darlington FC officials and DFCSG representatives (including David Steel and Toni Upton, captain of DFC Women), commented: "It is great to have Darlington FC signed up as a Kick It Out partner through our Equality Charter Programme, demonstrating their commitment to equality and diversity for all."

"By signing this pledge, it moves Darlington FC closer to achieving this vision. This partnership shows a genuine pledge from Darlington FC that football should be a sport that is accessible for all."

The Kick It Out website says this about itself: "First and foremost, we're fans. Just like you...". 

"Driven forward by our love of sport, we’re here to fight discrimination. We're here to make sure football is a game for everyone - and that means putting equality and inclusion up front."

"We were set up to fight racism in football in 1993. Then in 1997 we expanded to tackle all forms of discrimination. Since the beginning, we've made huge progress on and off the pitch, leading the charge for positive change. We've done it by raising awareness, confronting issues and helping our sport be better."

"Today, we run education programmes for academy players, parents and fans. We campaign to make sure football is always welcoming - to everyone. We support people from under-represented and minority communities to make a career in football and thrive. And we call out discrimination wherever it happens – from your local park to the Premier League to your social feed."

"We all know Kick It Out shouldn't have to exist. Our biggest hope is that one day football no longer needs us. But right now we're here to put an end to every form of discrimination. We won't stop until it stops. To make discrimination history, we help people see what it is, why it matters and how we'll Kick It Out."

"You'll find us in Premier League academies across the UK. We get players in every age group talking about racism and discrimination. And we run sessions to help families and club staff learn more too. We also work one-to-one with fans who have abused others. Why? Because education is the single best way to fight discrimination."

"And now we have The Academy, our new online learning platform where you can sign up to short, sharp online courses about equality, diversity and inclusion. With education accessible to more people, we can create a fairer, more inclusive game."

DFCSG encourages all our fans to read about our 'Darlington FC against Discrimination' campaign on all club platforms, and help us become a more equal and inclusive club.

You can report discrimination, not just at DFC matches but at any other game you attend, to Kick it Out here.

Darlington FC is making a stance against discrimination in all its forms. You can read more about it here.