Fundraising Idea?

As a fan-owned club for over a decade now, our fan’s fundraising activities are still vital to the future prosperity of DFC.

In May 2023, despite the current 'cost of living' crisis, fans contributed a staggering £162,070 via the seventh Boost The Budget scheme for the 2023/24 season.

Fans have now invested around £800,000 in Boost The Budget since its inception in 2017.

During our fantastic FA Cup run in 2020/21, thanks to the initiative of Mark Adams, fans raised over £5,000 to help the team travel and stay overnight in both Swindon and Bristol.


The DFCSG Lottery has raised just shy of £100,000 in the last six seasons.

And, of course, the Super 50/50 Draw has raised tens of thousands for the football club and paid out thousands of pounds in prize money to numerous lucky winners since the first Covid-19 lockdown (when Andy Clarke devised the first ever 'Virtual 50/50 Draw').

There are others – Sponsor a Goal, the Christmas Draw, programme sales, etc – and all of them are vital to the club’s well-being.

However, we cannot be complacent or rely on either the DFCSG board alone or a small number of fans to continually find new ways of generating vital income for the club.

This is where you come in.

If you’re a Darlo fan, passionate about our fan-owned model and think that you have a viable fundraising idea that could help the club financially, then we want to hear from you.

Quakers support Daisy's fundraising appeal! - News - Darlington Football  Club

DFCSG can and will act as a supporter of and a partner to anyone who has a good idea, as with Mark and Andy above for example, but we do need individuals to be able to implement and ‘own’ their ideas, not rely on others to do so.

If you think you have a good fundraising idea, then please get in touch by filling out the below form. Joanne Cameron and Rob Duncan, both on the DFCSG board, will be in contact to discuss your suggestion further with you.