Need a hand on how to log in to YOURCLUB, navigate the site and become an Owner of Darlington FC? Then you have come to the right place...

Q1: How do I login?

You can login either using your Fan ID (preferred) or email address at the login page. The first time you login you will be required to reset your password (further details below).

Q2: I'm trying to join but getting a message to say my details may already exist...

If we already hold your details on file and you've already been issued a fan ID then we've already set your account up for you. We'll hold your details if you've been a recent DFCSG member, a season ticket/500 Club holder or participated in Community Share or Boost The Budget schemes.

If this is the case there is no need to join, you simply need to login using your Fan ID which you should have received in the welcome email at the email address we have registered for you. In order to login for the first time you will need to reset your password - please see below for instructions on how to do this. 

Once your password has been reset you can use this password to login in conjunction with your Fan ID in future. It is important that there is only one account registered per fan.

Q3: I have not received a welcome email with my fan ID...

If you have not received a welcome email for YOURCLUB with your Fan ID there could be a number of reasons:

1) The email has been sent to an alternative email address to the one you are currently using - unfortunately some of the data we hold on file is likely to be out of date - one of the main reasons for launching YOURCLUB is so you can keep this data up to date yourself going forwards via Your Account control panel. 

We'd recommend that you check any other email addresses you have for your welcome email - once you've logged in you an easily change your email address for future. If you expect that the email may have gone to an email address that you can no longer access then please contact us and we'll change your email address in our database for you which will then allow you to login via a password reset.

2) The email is stuck in your junk folder of your current email address or is undeliverable. Please check your junk folder. If you still cannot find the email then please contact us at and we'll look into this further for you.

3) You are not registered in our database already - if this is the case then you can head on over to the registration page and sign up quickly and easily.

Q4: Do I need my welcome email?

If you haven't received your welcome email but know your Fan ID you can use it to login without the need for your welcome email. You will need to visit the password reset and input your Fan ID and you will receive an email with a password reset link. Alternatively you can get your Fan ID and reset your password by using your email address at the password reset page.

If you do not receive a link to reset your password, or your email address isn't recognised it is likely that the email address we have for you is an old email address, if you think this is the case please contact us and we'll change your email address in our database for you which will then allow you to login via a password reset.

Q4: Why do I have to use the account that has already been created with my Fan ID?

We've created a Fan ID concept to provide a unique reference for all of our fans - this will allow us to hold all of your data centrally and securely and will allow you to access all fan services in one place using one login in the future. Since 2012 you've probably participated in many schemes and by creating your Fan ID in advance we've been able to assign all of the schemes you've participated in to your account - once logged in you'll be able to see these along with details of ticketing and ownership and in future all of these interactions will be done via the platform. We've therefore restricted fans creating multiple accounts which would mean that the data is fragmented.

Q5: What if I use my email address for multiple fans?

We have many email addresses in our database that are registered to multiple fans. This is likely when a parent purchases for children or other family members. We have created the Fan ID specifically for this purpose where the email address is not unique. This means that you can continue to share an email address but still have an account specific to a fan. If you have any children of family you wish to manage the account for then you can do that by using their individual Fan ID. The welcome email you received has the names and Fan ID's of all of the users that are registered to that email address.

Q6: How do I logon for the first time (reset your password)? 

1) Go to the YOURCLUB homepage and click the red "Log In" button. If you are using your smartphone, this button will appear if you click the menu icon (three horizontal red lines) in the top right hand corner.

2) Click "I've forgotten my login details" (the red text in the bottom right hand corner of the page).

3) Enter your email address and press the blue “Continue” button. If there are multiple members registered to your email address, click the option with the relevant information for the individual who is accessing YOURCLUB.

4) Login to the email account you entered previously (remember to check junk/spam folders, just in case!). You should have received an email from 'Darlington Football Club', with the subject line "YourClub: Reset Your Password". Click the blue "Reset Your Password" button.

5) Once redirected back to YOURCLUB, enter what you would like your new password to be in both boxes and click the blue “Update Password” button.

6) Now enter the email address you used previously and your new password, then press the blue “Log In” button to access YOURCLUB.

A walkthrough with screenshots can be found here.

Q7: I don't want my details to be held by the Club...

You can delete your details by logging and going to the Your Account section whereby you'll be able to delete your details completely.

Q8: How do I become an Owner or renew my ownership?

This is really easy to do on the platform and only needs to be done once as all ownership now automatically renews at the set interval (unless cancelled). Once logged into YOURCLUB, navigate to Your Account where you will be able to see your YOURCLUB Status - this status displays whether you are an Owner or not. If you are not an Owner then you will see a green UPGRADE button. Pressing the button will take you to the screen to choose to pay by monthly or annual Direct Debit. You’ll then be taken to the payment screen and in a few clicks you’ll be a fully fledged Owner of Darlington FC!

You can also choose to become an Owner during the initial sign-up process if you don’t already have a Fan ID. If you do have a Fan ID already please use the former method to avoid creating a duplicate account. 

Q9: How do I cancel my ownership? 

Obviously we’d love you to continue to be an Owner of Darlington FC and the benefits that doing so brings but should you wish to cancel you can do so at any time.

To cancel simply visit the Your Account section and click on the blue MANAGE button where you are then given the option to cancel.

No further payments will be taken from your bank (provided you cancel more than 5 days before your next payment is scheduled) and you will continue to enjoy access to ownership benefits until the day when your ownership was originally due to expire - the expiry date of your ownership is the day before the Next Payment Due date shown.

Should you wish to re-join in future you can do this by following the answer to Q8 above (provided your membership has passed its expiry date).