Launch of YOURCLUB website by the DFCSG

Ray Simpson / 1st October 2020

Launch of YOURCLUB website by the DFCSG

Brand new fan services platform


Darlington FC Supporters Group (DFCSG) is pleased to announce the launch of YOURCLUB – a brand-new fan services platform which puts you at the heart of your football club!


Registration for YOURCLUB is totally free and we’ve even uploaded information to the platform that we hold on file for you if you’re a season ticket holder, DFCSG Member or have participated in any of our recent online fundraising activities.


At first login you’ll be able to see the details we hold, along with your new unique fan ID which will be the only ID you will need when transacting with the Club in future.


If we do hold details for you then you should have received correspondence from us to the email address we hold on file for you, with instructions on how to login for the first time. If you haven’t then you can quickly and easily register on the platform by visiting:


Please refer to the YOURCLUB FAQ for any questions you may have around initial login or navigating the site.


At launch you’ll be able to use the platform to: 


  • Become an Owner* of Darlington FC
  • Access ownership benefits including historic financial accounts, voting on key topics and accessing exclusive owner discounts 
  • Manage your contact details and preferences
  • View your contributions to Darlington FC since 2012
  • Volunteer your time to Darlington FC
  • Request a ground access pass (matchday volunteers only) 
  • Buy and manage tickets (COVID permitting)
  • Book away travel (COVID permitting)
  • Request a replacement Fan ID card
  • Interact with key board members running key work streams on an adhoc basis - make yourself heard 
  • Help fundraise via the Fan’s Lottery, 50/50 and Boost The Budget 


*some benefits are only available to Owners. You can become an Owner via a monthly or annual subscription on the YOURCLUB platform. ‘Owner’ is the new name for what we have previously called ‘Member’.









Future planned developments will allow you to interact with the Club far more than you’ve ever been able to before, these include:


  • Additional premium owner content
  • View the organisational structure and search available volunteer roles 
  • Live stream the DFCSG AGM
  • Participate in quarterly fan experience surveys 
  • Manage Community Share investments 
  • Keep up to date with various work stream plans and progress 
  • Track home games you’ve attended
  • Launch of Quaker Loyalty scheme
  • Opt for a digital membership card 
  • Define friendship and family groups


Ownership of Darlington FC is via issuance of a share in the Darlington FC 1883 Supporters society (DFCSG), which owns a controlling stake in Darlington FC.


As well as the online Ownership option of £25 a year, there will continue to be an offline ownership option for £20 per season with no access to the online platform.


As part of the YOURCLUB launch we will be decommissioning the DFCSG website. The DFCSG as a legal entity will continue to exist and operate under the same rules, but any news or information will now come directly from the DFC website, social media and YOURCLUB platform. The YOURCLUB platform will allow increased visibility of tasks being undertaken by all board members.