YC Subscriber Shirt Raffle - June 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the DFC fan experience, we hold quarterly DFC merchandise raffles that YOURCLUB subscribers and/or DFC Owners can enter for free!

At the back-end of 2022 we ticked over 1,200 Owners for the first time in our history. A momentous occasion as we ended our tenth year as a fan owned club!

At time of writing (Sunday 2nd June 2024), we currently sit at a fantastic 1,272 Owners. We also currently have 5,167 subscribers in total to YOURCLUB, a number that just keeps on growing!

Richard McBride won the first of our 2022 DFC Owner raffles, receiving the 2021/22 squad-signed Joma shirt that had been presented to the YOURCLUB team for sponsoring the Guiseley game in October 2021. Andrew Bower took home a squad-signed 2008/09 Vandanel shirt, Peter Pugh won a squad-signed 2011/12 Errea shirt and Natasha Ward won a squad-signed 2022/23 Joma shirt, presented to the YOURCLUB team when they sponsored the Southport FA Cup game. Four very happy Darlo fans in 2022!

In January 2023, Steven Richardson took home a 'match worn' Joe Wheatley shirt from 2018/19 season (signed by Joe himself...), in April Jamie Karim bagged himself one of our 1995/96 'Orange' repro shirts, Rob Coffey won a Rob Purdie-signed match worn away shirt from the 2008/09 season in July and Alec White was the lucky winner of a squad-signed home Puma shirt from the 2018/19 season in October.

So far in 2024, John Jackson was lucky enough to win himself a squad-signed 2023/24 season shirt in January via an X/Twitter competition and in February Koby Jack took home a 'match worn' Ben Hedley 2022/23 season shirt and a framed picture of the man himself.

Ten lucky winners since launching these giveaways back in early-2022!

This particular raffle is open to both YOURCLUB subscribers *and* DFC Owners. Details of how to enter via the click of a button are below.

This time we have a squad-signed shirt from the 1999/2000 season, plus a couple of bonus signed prints, to giveaway!

The raffle draw will take place at 8pm on Wednesday 19th June 2024.

To enter, all you need to be is a DFC Owner (ie, a DFCSG member) or a free YOURCLUB subscriber. Make sure you’re logged in and CLICK HERE to enter into this free draw for the above shirt and signed prints.

We will communicate the result of the raffle and announce the winner here/through the usual social media channels once the draw has been made on Wednesday 19th June 2024, contacting the lucky winner to discuss getting the prizes to them.

Currently a free YOURCLUB subscriber but want to upgrade to DFC Owner and enjoy a range of exclusive benefits? You can read all about DFC ownership and sign up here.

Why not join 1,270+ other DFC Owners, including the likes of Ben HedleyGary SmithDavid Hodgson, Peter KirkhamGavin Worboys, Paul Ward and Kasabian's Chris Edwards, all of whom have a say in how our football club is run?

For just £25 a year (or £2.09 a month) you can gain access to a range of benefits/offers as well as feeling the pride and passion of knowing that you own YOUR football club! You have a proper say in how DFC is run. How many football fans around the world can genuinely say that?