2022 DFC Fan's Forum #2 - July 2022

On Friday 22nd July 2022, and for the first time since before the Covid-19 pandemic, the club held a 90-minute fan’s forum in the Dolphin Centre's Central Hall, hosted by Darlo Fan's Radio & Quaker TV's Stuart Armstrong.


Fans both in the room and via Zoom were able to ask questions on both 'off the field' and 'on the field' matters, with conversation both on the proposed new DFC ground and the squad for the forthcoming season top of most fan's agendas.

An expert DFC panel of David Johnston, Chris Stockdale, Jonathan Jowett and Alun Armstrong were on hand to provide various club/team updates and answer a variety of questions from fans.

If you were unable to attend or log on for the latest fan’s forum but don’t want to miss out, then don’t worry – a full recording of the forum can be found below.